Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vintage Valentine: Making the rounds with your accordion today?

This vintage Valentine postcard features a young boy, all bundled up, standing outside his sweetheart's window and playing her a song on an accordion. The caption states: "Oh hear me sing of a motive fine, Will you be my Valentine."

I wouldn't recommend this approach today in the Northeast U.S. It's currently 11° F, with a wind-chill temperature of 1° F. Your accordion would probably freeze solid. Plus, where did you get that accordion, anyway?

This card was postmarked in 1926 and mailed with a red two-cent George Washington stamp to Fannie Wentz of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.

The Valentine sender wasn't much of a wordsmith. His entire note states "To Fannie, From Russell." We can only hope that she didn't know more than one Russell.

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