Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wanted: Info on other mystery houses and gravity hills

Friday's post on the long-gone Mystery House in St. Augustine, Florida, has whet my appetite for memories and information about other obscure tourist spots and roadside attractions that have vanished from the United States, especially "mystery houses" with forced-angle perspectives and gravity hills.

Send your recollections and tips my way and we'll share them in future posts.

I'm not the only one curious to learn more. Tom from the Garage Sale Finds blog was reminded of this this post on his awesome blog, which includes The Haunted Shack in Buena Park, California, and the Magnetic House in Cascade, Colorado.

And Mom writes that she remembers a mystery house "in New Jersey that I went to when I was a teenager ... almost exactly the same as the description of the one in Florida ... but I've never been able to find anything about it on the internet ... like it never existed...but it did, because I went through it. Maybe it was in Delaware or Virginia. Never looked there. It was on the way to the shore, so I always associated it with NJ, but I went to the shore in Delaware and Virginia too once or twice. It was a funny place."

So share your memories. Use the comments section below or email me at chrisottopa (at)

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