Friday, March 11, 2016

A sneak peek at Papergreat's new ephemera filing system

Great news! I have finally gotten all of Papergreat's ephemera out of the warehouse (which was charging an exorbitant fee), and all of my postcards, receipts, bookplates, photos and more are now being sorted within this state-of-the-art filing system. These three men have agreed to be paid with books, which works out well for me.

OK, OK...

Here's the real background of this amazing photo from 79 years ago:
The offices of the Central Social Institution of Prague, Czechoslovakia, with the largest vertical letter file in the world. Consisting of cabinets arranged from floor to ceiling tiers covering over 4,000 square feet and containing over 3,000 drawers, each 10 feet long. It has electric operated elevator desks which rise, fall and move left or right at the push of a button, stopping just before drawer desired. The drawers also open and close electronically. Thus work which formerly taxed 400 workers is now done by 20 with a minimum of effort. 26th April 1937.

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