Saturday, March 12, 2016

Coronado Courts in Santa Fe:
"As Modern as Tomorrow"

This undated, unused postcard features Coronado Courts, located on the Albuquerque Highway in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm guessing it's long, long gone, but don't know much about its history.

The hotel was a member of the Congress of Motor Hotels, which had a nifty little logo. According to 2002's The Motel in America by John A. Jakle, Keith A. Sculle and Jefferson S. Rogers:
"Founded in the early 1950s in Santa Monica, California, the Congress of Motor Hotels was a referral group formed as a membership cooperative. It was run very much like Best Western and Quality Courts United, except that greater emphasis was placed on motel financing."
Here's the description of Coronado Courts from the back of the postcard:
"38 units, fully modern. Free TV, Radios, Phones in all rooms. As modern as Tomorrow. We take a personal interest in making your stay pleasant and informative. The Angiers, owners and operators."
The card was published by Ward Anderson Printing Company of Albuquerque.

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