Saturday, April 12, 2014

1955 linen postcard: Boxwood Court & Restaurant along U.S. 15

Countless American roadside motels came and went during the 20th century, fading quickly from memory and the landscape. But their advertising postcards remain, reminding us that they existed.

This never-used linen postcard is a "Genuine Curteich" card and was produced in 1955. (I was able to determine the date thanks to this wonderful post on The stamp box on the back contains the designation 5C-H258. The "C" indicates that it was produced in the 1950s and the 5 tells us that it's from 1955.)

From the front of the card, we can see that Boxwood Court & Restaurant had gasoline pumps and cozy little cabins, each with a small porch and red chairs out front. This is what's printed on the back:

Boxwood Court & Restaurant
3½ Miles South of FARMVILLE, VA.
On U.S. Highway #15
All Units Air-conditioned, Radiant Heated
Individual Thermostat Control
Private Showers or Bath
Excellent Food at Moderate Prices
MR. & MRS. F. LEVEQUE, Owners & Managers

Farmville is a tiny town along Route 15 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Rapper Lady of Rage (Robin Yvette Allen) and Vince Gilligan, the creator/writer of Breaking Bad, are among Farmville's former residents.

U.S. Route 15 dates to 1926 and was one of the country's original highways. It runs from New York to South Carolina, and you can imagine why so many motels and restaurants must have sprung up along its path in the middle of the last century. The highway has changed a great deal over the decades and parts of it are now recognized as a National Scenic Byway. One book that documents its history is Along Virginia's Route 15 by Josie Ballato.

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