Wednesday, April 9, 2014

See these old milk caps and share your morning-delivery memories

Time for some milkman memories!

Pictured below are three old milk-bottle caps. They're all of a smaller size — about 1½ inches wide. Now, I'm too wee young of a lad to remember milk bottles. So I'd love to hear people's memories on the topic.

  • What are your memories of the milkman's daily deliveries?
  • What were your favorite things to get other than milk?
  • Were you or someone in your family's history a milkman?
  • Are you a collector of milk bottles or milk-bottle caps?

Comment at the bottom of today's post or email me at to share your stories.

This first cap is from Day Dairy in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Its slogan was "The Milky Way to Health."

Up next is a generic milk cap that features a message encouraging customers to wash and return their empty bottles each day.

Finally, here's a cap for Good Leschi Milk. Note that the cap states "Thursday." I'm guessing there was a different cap for each day of the week, so that customers could keep track of which milk was the freshest.

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  1. Our Abbotts milkman used to come early Saturday mornings, walk into the house, shout "MILKMAN" and put our milk and whatever else we'd requested right into the fridge. We'd left our empty bottles outside of the front door with our order for how much milk, cream,and butter we needed on a note stuck between the bottles.