Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mystery snapshot: Gone fishin'

This photograph is stamped with a date of July 31, 1946, on the back.1 It also features the stamp of the James Lett Co., a long-closed photo supply business that was located in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. So there's certainly a good chance that this picture was taken in this state.

But who is the boy? And where is he fishing?

And another question — one we sometimes forget to ask with these mystery snapshots: Who took the photo? A friend? His father? A stranger?

Regardless, the boy looks quite content and focused on his line. I fear that too many young people in this generation won't ever experience the peace, fresh air and opportunity for reflection that angling provides.

1. On that same day, in a very different part of the world, American cryptanalyst Meredith Gardner was, according to Wikipedia, "able to make the first breakthrough in a team project to crack the secret codes used by the Soviet Union in its espionage activities in the United States." It was part of the work done by the Venona project.

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