Thursday, March 31, 2016

Four found photos, mostly mysteries

Here at Papergreat, the goal is to find "a story in every piece of paper." Sometimes, though, we might have to use our imagination, because it's unlikely we'll ever track down the actual people and true stories from every piece of paper. Found photographs are one category of ephemera for which the mysteries will always outnumber the answers.

Here are four photos with no useful identifications. We'd have to beat Powerball-level odds in order to discover who these people are. But their images are still part of our history, even if we're just left to wonder about the lives and details shown here.

1. Woman and her musical instrument

2. Little girl by the water
(Just waiting for Boris Karloff to wander along, right?)

Here's a closer look at her...

3. Walter and his motorcycle with sidecar
(This is a man about to have some adventures.)

4. Woman leaning against car
(I would love to know her story. And what kind of car is that?)

Here's a closer look at the hood ornament. Is that a ram?

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