Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Over fifty million times a day, somebody somewhere has a Coke"

This Coca-Cola advertisement appears on the back page of the 1957 magazine that I'm going to feature on Monday for the opening day of the 2016 Major League Baseball season. It's a pretty nifty vintage ad that deserves its own post.

It features two clean-cut kids sitting in a sunny field, drinking bottles of Coca-Cola. If you look closely, you can see that the bottles have been doctored by an illustrator. I wonder what ever happened to these two young advertising models. Did they appear in other ads? Was this the highlight of their careers? Did they become hippies? Did he end up in Vietnam? How could we go about figuring out who they are?

The advertising text states:
Have fun! Have a Coke!
It's Spring and lots of good times are ahead. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, the fun gets better when you have a Coke. Over fifty million times a day, somebody somewhere has a Coke and agrees with you — there's nothing quite like Coca-Cola.
Today, we have jumped from "over fifty million" servings of Coca-Cola per day to over one billion, worldwide (if you count all the variations of Coca-Cola).

In 1957, Coca-Cola's official slogan, as seen on this advertisement, was "Sign of Good Taste." It was a short-lived slogan; it came on the heels of 1956's "Coca-Cola ... Makes Good Things Taste Better" and was soon to be replaced by 1958's "The Cold, Crisp Taste of Coke."

Here are some other notable Coke slogans over the years, some of which are certainly head-scratchers:

  • 1906 — The Great National Temperance Beverage
  • 1927 — Pure as Sunlight
  • 1939 — Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Refreshment Think of Ice Cold Coca-Cola
  • 1942 — The Only Thing Like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Itself
  • 1949 — Along the Highway to Anywhere
  • 1969 — It's the Real Thing
  • 1979 — Have a Coke and a Smile
  • 1982 — Coke Is It!
  • 1990 — You Can't Beat the Real Thing
  • 2016 — Taste The Feeling

You can check out the whole list here.

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