Friday, April 1, 2016

Luggage sticker from Brakanes Hotel in Norway

Here's something bright and cheery for the last day of the (traditional) work week, heading into a spring weekend. It's a luggage sticker, about the size of a baseball card1, from Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik, Hardanger District, Norway.2

Ulvik looks like this, so you can imagine that it would be a nice place for a relaxing vacation.

Brakanes Hotel has a history that dates to the middle 19th century and includes a rebuild and rebirth following the devastation of the German invasion of Norway during World War II. Here's the summary from the history portion of the hotel's website:
"It all started in 1860, when Sjur Brakanes built a coaching inn in Ulvik. By 1891, it had become so successful that he needed to expand, so the building was extended to take the number of rooms from five to 50. After 1924, his grandchildren Sara and Marta took over the running of the hotel when their father, Hans Lindebrække, died. They were very successful and soon built up a worldwide reputation for great hospitality. Ulvik was destroyed during the Second World War and, afterwards, the sisters vowed to rebuild the hotel, this time on an even grander scale.

"Together with their brother Gjert, they agreed to create a hotel to a high European standard. On May 9, 1952, the hotel opened with 124 beds, 44 bathrooms, custom-designed furniture and textiles, plus new interior decor. It quickly became regarded as the country’s premier fjordhotel."

Today, the hotel has 143 rooms (many with balconies), reception rooms, and a conference center. As you might imagine, it's a popular spot for weddings. Based on my quick check, it looks like you could get a room during a spring weekend for about $260, which isn't too bad. Of course, you have to get there, which isn't exactly doable by Greyhound.


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1. Speaking of baseball, it begins again on Monday for most teams. I shall have a post to appropriately mark the occasion.
2. I bought it at the oft-mentioned store in York New Salem.

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