Sunday, September 25, 2016

Odd old foreign postcard

This old postcard reminds me, and probably just me, of that famous still from the 1961 art film Last Year at Marienbad — the surreal image in which people are posed in a garden where the shadows don't follow the basic rules of nature. This one has a similar sense of people posing awkwardly in a frame that doesn't quite capture reality as we know it. Or, at least, that's the vibe I got. You might just see it as an old, too-dark postcard. And that's fine, too.

The caption at the bottom states "Türkenschanzpark, Brücke."

Brücke is the easy part. It's the German word for bridge. And there's clearly a bridge in this image.1

Türkenschanzpark is a park in Vienna, Austria. It opened in 1888 and is located on the historic site of the 1683 Battle of Vienna. The land, once cornfields and meadows, was almost converted into a cemetery before the final decision to make it a park. It was created partially in the style of an English landscape garden. It contains ponds, streams, fountains and monuments to poets and composers. Today, it also includes a skate park.

The back of this postcard contains what might be a series of names or signatures. I'm not quite sure. Here's a look...

Finally, the Austrian-issue stamp is called, in English, "Farmer from Traun, Upper Austria."

It was part of series focusing on costumes and folk customs and was first issued in 1934.

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