Saturday, September 24, 2016

Book cover: "Snow White and the Giants"

  • Title: Snow White and the Giants
  • Author: J.T. McIntosh, a pseudonym of Scotland's James Murdoch MacGregor (1925-2008)
  • Cover artist: Carl Cassler
  • Publisher: Avon Books (S347)
  • Cover price: 60 cents
  • Year: First Avon printing, May, 1968
  • Pages: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • First sentence: Lunching at the Red Lion on roast beef of Old England, I glanced out of the upstairs window and saw, across the road, a girl in a pink suit.
  • Last sentence: About their world, I couldn't care less.
  • Random sentence from middle: I became aware, with some surprise, that I wore only my underpants.
  • Notes: The back-cover blurb states: "She was the fairest in the land. No matter where she came from — or when! Val called her Snow White because of her glowing pale skin and her blue-black hair. But her friends frightened him. They were too perfect to be quite human. They were too calm, too detached. When he discovered their powers, and the uses to which they meant to put them, Val knew the most awful of his fears had been more than justified!" ... The book is also known as Time for a Change. It was originally serialized in the science-fiction magazine If. ... Goodreads readers give the book a 3.56-star rating (out of 5), with one reviewer stating: "It's a very good time travel tale with all of the twists and turns one expects, but is also a good portrayal of a small, very traditional English town moving into a more modern, technological era with much different social conventions." ... This is generally considered to be one of McIntosh's better books. John Clute, co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, stated: "McIntosh never lost the vivid narrative skills that made him an interesting figure of 1950s sf, but his failure to challenge himself or his readers in his later career led to results that verged on mediocrity. His early work warrants revival." ... There is an advertisement in the center of the book to purchase Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy for just 10 cents, as part of an introductory offer for The Science Fiction Book Club.

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