Monday, September 19, 2016

Vintage advertising card featuring a monkey and a cat (Post #2,000)

It looks like these beleaguered folks are having a Case of the Mondays.
(Or is that a Case of the Monkeys?)

This vintage advertising trade card, which is 4¾ inches wide and in poor shape, is titled "The Monkey and the Cat's Paw" and features two people entering a room to discover Major Shenanigans involving a monkey, a cat, a sewing machine and a basket. Assuming they were aware that they had a monkey and a cat living together in their house, I don't know why it would surprise them that this kind of thing happens. Monkeys and cats can co-exist peacefully sometimes, but certainly not always.

Leavitt & Brant is the company name that's printed on the front of the card. It was located at 409 Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

The back of the card is a mess, thanks to glue and tearing and other Crimes Against Ephemera. It does mention that medals have been awarded to Mrs. B.A. Stearns for an "Improved System of Dress Cutting." So belated congratulations to her for that.

"Ladies" who want to learn more about Mrs. Stearns' method and see the wonders offered by the New Home Sewing Machine Company1 are invited to visit the 409 Washington Street location.

As a final aside, I'm not sure whether the card's title — "The Monkey and the Cat's Paw" — is related to the Jean de La Fontaine fable "The Monkey and the Cat," but the history of the latter makes for an interesting read, if you have your own Case of the Mondays and are seeking something interesting on Wikipedia.

This is the 2,000th Papergreat post. (For a useless apples-and-oranges comparison, only 278 Major League Baseball players have ever achieved the 2,000-hit mark.) This adventure started back on November 25, 2010, and has featured a lot of postcards, book covers, chickens, and more over the years. So thanks for reading! If you're interested in where the name Papergreat came from, read about it here. If you want a sampling of some of the posts that I had the most fun with and am proudest of, check out the Best of Papergreat label. And if you had to read or share just one post to convey the idea of what Papergreat is about, I'd recommend "Eight awesome things you'll never find inside e-books."

1. The New Home Sewing Machine Company was also mentioned in this November 2014 post.

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