Friday, September 23, 2016

5 illustrations within 1918's "Puss in Boots, Jr. In Fairyland"

I promised last month to circle back and share some illustrations from Puss in Boots, Jr. In Fairyland (subtitle "Twilight Tales"), which was written by David Cory and published in 1918 by Harper & Brothers. The 147-page book was long ago given to Elizabeth Little as a "Christmas Greeting from Daddy" (though no year is listed) and it came into the possession of John Brake of Greenville, Virginia, in 1976.

According to Syracuse University Libraries: "David Magie (or MacGhie) Cory (1872-1966) was an American poet and an author of children's stories, among them the daily 'Jack Rabbit' stories, which were syndicated, and the Little Indian series. He was also a pioneer of radio broadcasting, working for WZJ in Newark, New Jersey. He came to writing after a twenty-year career as a stockbroker, beginning with stories invented for his children."

The Puss in Boots, Jr., series included at least four volumes, with other books titled The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr.; Further Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr.; and Travels of Puss in Boots, Jr. The twist of the books seems to be that Puss in Boots, Jr., is transported by a magic rug into the world of fairy tales, nursery rhymes and mythology, and interacts with these tales and characters. So, in this volume, the chapter titles include:
  • The Frog King
  • Little Red Riding-Hood
  • Dickory, Dickory Dare
  • The Moon Cow
  • The Tremendous Giant
  • Back to Mother Goose Land
  • Sir Launcelot
  • The Fairy Dance
  • The Wicked Spider

Here are five illustrations from the book, for your enjoyment. I don't know who the illustrator is, but he or she used the symbol :K to sign all of the pieces.

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