Sunday, October 16, 2016

My 1977 Kindergarten diploma

For all of you Truthers out there who question whether I, in fact, have the proper academic credentials for authoring a blog about books and ephemera, I present to you this irrefutable proof — my Kindergarten Diploma.

You can see with your own eyes that 14,373 days ago — on June 10, 1977 — I was recognized for my achievement in Kindergarten skills.1 Full disclosure, though: While the illustrated diploma cites science, social studies, social interaction, art, language, reading readiness, rhythm, music, math and creative dramatics as kindergarten topics, the only thing I can definitely recall from those days is learning the alphabet. Certainly, I had no rhythm. And I'm still waiting to pick up the concept of social interaction.

The diploma is signed by my teacher, Mrs. Bonazzi, and stamped by my principal, Henry J. Wenzel Jr. While it indicates that the kindergarten was part of Lyter Elementary School in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, my recollection is that the actual classroom was located in the rear portion of C.E. McCall Middle School (which I later attended).

This diploma was produced by the Hayes School Publishing Company in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Some of that company's other 1970s work was featured in the November 2011 post "Some bulletin-board material for Thanksgiving."

So there you have it. I officially graduated from kindergarten.

1. This also happened on June 10, 1977: The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Atlanta Braves, 7-5, thanks to two home runs and five RBIs by Mike Schmidt and Gene Garber's seventh save of the season. The Braves used pinch-hitters named Biff and Rowland in the game. ... Also on that busy day, the first Apple II series computers went on sale, and James Earl Ray escaped from Brushy Mountain State Prison in Petros, Tennessee.


  1. Should I ever need someone to stack boxes, catch butterflies or curtsy, I shall call upon you with confidence.

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