Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mystery real photo postcard:
Family from 100-plus years ago

This old real photo postcard was never used and comes with absolutely no information regarding who these people were. Is this a husband and wife and their three children? That could be the most likely scenario, but it's hardly the only one.

The stamp box on the back indicates that this was a Velox postcard and its design, according to, indicates that this from "Pre-1907-1910." There is also a line reading "This Side For The Address" on the back, which further supports this being from that period. (Divided-back postcards didn't emerge until 1907. Before that year, you couldn't write anything but the address on the back.)

So this photo is from at least 109 years ago. Possibly more.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know who they were, where they lived and what they did, presumably here in America?

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