Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ephemera for Lunch #37:
Toddler in a rocking chair

As we continue with Mystery Photos Week on "Ephemera for Lunch," here's a real photo postcard of a young girl sitting outside in a wicker rocking chair.1

The postcard, never used, dates to between 1924 and 1949 based upon the AZO stamp box on the back, which has four squares and "PLACE STAMP HERE" as the text in the middle. I tend to think this is from the earlier end of that range of years. But that's just a hunch. The reality of the mystery is that this girl, if she's still alive, could be in anywhere from her late 60s to her mid 90s today. And the odds that she reads this blog are about the same as the odds that I'll win Wednesday's Powerball drawing.2

Of course, the reason we have odds is that there's always some chance of something happening. (So, yes, I'm telling you there's a chance, Lloyd. Black swan events do happen.)

All of these things are still technically possible in 2016:

  • Sylvester Stallone could win an Oscar
  • Philadelphia Phillies could win the World Series
  • Vladimir Putin could mail me a postcard
  • Donald Trump could be elected President of the United States
  • Electoral College could end in a 269-269 tie in November
  • Aliens could make contact with the citizens of Earth
  • I could win Powerball
  • The girl on this postcard could contact me at chrisottopa (at) gmail.com

Of those possibilities, the most likely, by far, is Stallone winning an Oscar, and who would have considered that possible 12 months ago? Which is a good lesson in never saying never.

The second most likely from that list is ... well, let's not speak of that, and let's just hope that Putin is stamping his Hello Kitty postcard to me as we speak.

1. Want more real photo postcards? Here's a good place to start.
2. The odds of winning Powerball's grand prize are precisely 1 in 292,201,338.