Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet little find for your friendly neighborhood ephemera blogger

Always on the lookout for a Bulk Ephemera Bargain, I hit the jackpot (relatively speaking) recently at an antiques store in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

While browsing through old furniture, collectibles, tools, trinkets and more, I came across a box — slightly smaller than, say, the box that held Gwyneth Paltrow's head — filled with hundreds of postcards.

The tag read "Box of PostCards $5.00."

My excited reaction, in pop-culture terms, was a cross between wide-eyed Daffy Duck in the cave of treasures and the Loki "Oh, yes" GIF.

So I snapped that box up faster than you can say "Wow, Chris, could you be more of a loser?"1

I've only been through a fraction of the box so far. There are easily 500 postcards, including a puffin postcard that I gifted to Sarah.2

While most of the cards and from the latter half of the 20th century, there's some really cool stuff in this batch. It's all the more reason I'm hoping to do another Postcard Blogathon in the late winter or early spring. Here's a sampling of some of the cool cards...

1. Speaking of geek loserdom, I was pretty proud of this weekend tweet, too. (And, yes, I know this whole post is wrecking my dating prospects.)

2. Sarah likes Puffin Stuff. Get it? PuffinStuff. GET IT?

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