Friday, February 26, 2016

Ephemera for Lunch #40:
1906 Laurel train wreck

OK, this one is only a partial mystery...

The caption on the back of this family photograph states: "Train Wreck, Laurel, Delaware 1906."

I actually tried to write about this way back during the first year of Papergreat. But I botched it pretty badly and had to punt.

Now I'm back, and I'm asking for Reader Help, because I cannot find anything online about this 110-year-old accident in Laurel, a tiny town in southern Delaware. It might be that, fortunately, there were no deaths or major injuries, and thus it was just a small, barely-newsworthy footnote in United States train history. That would be the primary reason, I think, why I can't find anything about this wreck. But it would sure be nice to know some details and get some additional confirmation about this bridge mishap.

If you know or find anything, share it in the comments or email me at chrisottopa (at)

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