Thursday, December 22, 2016

Old holiday card: Best wishes from the Laurelettes

I first shared the front of this vintage Season's Greetings card on December 4. When you open it up, it's a glorious 12½ inches wide and includes the printed message "All Best Wishes for the Holiday Season to You from the Laurelettes." Beneath that are the names of four Laurelettes. There is no other writing or identifying information anywhere on the card.

Who the Laurelettes are is a bit of mystery. I can think of three possibilities: (1) they are the members of a family with either the last name Laurel or perhaps even Laurelette; (2) they hail from a location with the name of Laurel; (3) the Laurelettes are an all-girl band, not unlike Josie and the Pussycats.

Even will all of these names, though, it remains a challenge to figure out who these folks are. It's going to take someone recognizing these names and contacting Papergreat [chrisottopa (at)], I think. Let's take a closer look at these Laurelettes...

P.J. appears to the chef of the group, as she's holding what appears to be a small roast turkey or chicken. Barb, meanwhile, is preparing to hit the ski slopes, though she's probably going to have to change out of that outfit.

Peggy isn't going to let Barb be "the athletic one." She's ready to hit the links for a round of golf. Peggy is also the shortest and possibly also the youngest of the Laurelettes.

And then there's Beth, who should clearly be the favorite of the Papergreat crowd. Not only is Beth a book lover, but she also has the superhuman strength to hold six heavy books aloft with a single hand, while keeping her other hand on your waist. You don't want to mess with Beth.

So there you have it. What do you think of the Laurelettes? Is this a mystery we'll ever solve?

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