Friday, December 23, 2016

Panel from a merry Marvel Christmas in the 1970s

Okay, you really have to click on this comic panel to embiggen it and see all the holly-jolly detail. It's from the March 1975 issue (meaning it was probably for sale in December 1974) of "Marvel Two-In-One." The Christmas scene features various members of the Fantastic Four, plus Medusa (the one with the ridiculous red hair) and Sub-Mariner's cousin Namorita, among others. Also in this 42-year-old issue, Ghost Rider and Thing dress up as two members of the Three Wise Men. (Sure.)

Perhaps, someday, there will be a Christmas issue of a Marvel comic in which Baron Von Papergreat reads Ruth Manning-Sanders' "The Christmas Crab Apples" to a group of young Inhumans.

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