Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cool illustrations: The New Human Interest Library (Part 11)

Getting back into the swing of things with the 1929's The New Human Interest Library, we wrap up the "Drawing Made Easy" section of "The Do-It-Yourself Book" with these cartooning instructions by Cobb Shinn. (You can read about Shinn's background in the November 23 post.)

Shinn guides those who aspire to draw better through the creation of a stork, a bear, an elephant, a clown, and a little Dutch boy. (There are also instructions on drawing a racist caricature that I will not include here.) I like the elegant way in which Shinn uses easier-to-draw familiar objects, such as horseshoes, bells and ice-cream cones, as starting points for drawing more elaborate creations. The elephant is especially inspired.

Happy drawing!

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