Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Do you remember the Eat-It-All Sandwich?

Here's a food-related post that might bring back fond memories for some of you. It's an unused wrapped for a frozen Eat-It-All Sandwich. It looks like this was a pair of oatmeal cookies that had either cream filling or ice cream in the middle. Because it's a frozen sandwich, I'm guessing it was vanilla ice cream.

The wrapper measures 4⅜ inches by 6⅜ inches.

The only ingredients listed are for the oatmeal cookie; it included sugar, vegetable shortening, many partially hydrogenated things, oat flour, oat flakes and raisins, among other ingredients.

The Eat-It-All Sandwich was distributed by Eat-It-All Cone Bakeries, which were a division of Maryland Cup Corporation of Chicago, Illinois. It appears that the Eat-It-All brand, which focuses on ice-cream cones, is now owned by Kellogg's.

Printing on the back of the back states: "B4 BAGS BY SWEETHEART PAPER PROD. CO., CHELSEA, MASS." An October 1984 article in The Christian Science Monitor titled "Little Chelsea keeps bouncing back from adversity" indicates that the Sweetheart Paper Products Company had already closed at that point, contributing to the region's high unemployment.

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