Sunday, February 5, 2017

Postcrossing friendships & the Year of the Fire Rooster

Sarah received this nifty Year of the Rooster postcard last week from her pen pal Christina, who lives in Taiwan. The two of them have been friends, through mail and email, since they were introduced to each other via Postcrossing, an international postcard exchange system, about 13 months ago. It's pretty cool that the two of them have gotten to know each other and exchange small gifts all thanks to the power of a postcard.

The Year of the Rooster (the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac) began on January 28. Each Chinese year also has an element associated with it, so this is, more specifically, the Year of the Fire Rooster, for the first time since January 31, 1957, through February 17, 1958. (Full disclosure: I was born late in the Year of the Metal Dog.)

Even if a Postcrossing connection doesn't turn into a pen pal or lifelong friend, it's still a connection. I enjoy writing and sending cards as much, if not more, than receiving. And I love the email notes that I get back from folks across the world who have gotten my card in their faraway mailbox. Here are a few (unedited) examples from the past year...
From Robert in Taiwan
Thanks for your cute postcard! And so many share of your life. While I have never heard about those your city, fair, favorite author, it's nice to share your favorite. The most interesting is the Amish, I think they are cool! ha ha

From Janette in Australia
Hello Chris,Thank you for the lovely Owl card and all the Stamps, Our Summer has finished. It rained all night last night and it was great to get up this morning and see all the Puddles. It was a nasty summer, a small town about 40ks away lost over 130 homes when a fire went through. I wish you good Health and Happiness.

From Tatyana in Ukraine
Hello! Or "zdravstvujte" in my language. thank you for a beautiful card and stamps. Yes, I love old movies, and Casablanca among my favorite movies) I also like Streetcar Named Desire, Rear Window, Waterloo Bridge, Roman Holiday and many others. Best wishes and happy postcrossing!

From Irina in Russia
Thank you very much for your card! The stamps are gorgeous! :) I also like reading books (I'm reading "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand these days).

From Charles in India
Hi Chris, Greetings from India. Thank you for your lovely card and stamps. Please say Hi! to your daughter, she is sure to grow up to be a great lady with a mother like you. Best wishes.

From Birgit in Germany
Hi Chris, thank you very much for the girl with the chicken! Though she doesn't really look happy having that chicken on her arm...
Say hello to all your pets and have a wonderful day!

From Nadya in Belarus
Hello, Chris! Your card very beautiful, thank you. My favorite sport is basketball. I enjoy other sports, but it is basketball without which I cannot simply live.

From Katalonia in Finland
Hello Chris! Thank you for the card and nice stamp. Oh yes, I'm definitely kind to animals. I live in the countryside and I love nature and animals! I've pets and almost everyday white-tailed deers visits in our yard. Yesterday three cranes was eating in our field. Best wishes!

From Otylia in Poland
Hello, thank you for a postcard. Your postcard is lovely. I'm Otylia. I am 10 years. I go to now primary school and learn English. I'm interested in music. I love cats ( i have two) and bocks. I am sending greetings from picturesque Krotoszyn.

From Pilar in the Philippines
Hello Chris! Thanks so much for your Yellowstone postcard! It was a surprise to receive it today. I love the card and you have a nice penmanship. :) I love the outdoors too. I used to go hiking with friends but now we were all busy. Have a great day/night ahead!

From Wen You in Singapore
Hi Chris, Thank you for personal postcard of your pet cats ^.^ I don't have any pets but I play with the cats I come across if they let me. The stamp you used on the postcard is quite special! It's round shaped with the moon's image! So cool!! I've checked out your website ... and I saw that you're a Pescetarian, I am veganish. Been vegetarian all my life and now trying to go vegan. I enjoy reading too though I haven't touched a novel lately. Been reading manga.

From Pauliina in Finland
Dear Chris, many thanks for your lovely postcard from PA, USA! The pic on the card was super beautiful & I loved your message! Thanks for sharing this great piece of world with me. :o) I really enjoyed reading about your favorite things! I've noticed many US citizens love fall season (perhaps your summers are too hot and long?); here in Finland almost no one likes fall, because it seems to last from October to April. Not with the beautiful foliage but with grey and gloomy days, chilly weather and faces without smiles. My favorite time of the year is definitely spring, as I love the sense of hope and rebirth it brings. Plus it makes motorcycling possible again, haha! I hope everything is fine in your life & you may enjoy this year 2016! Have the greatest autumn!

From Julia in Germany
Dear Chris, many thanks for your beautiful card and the many wonderful stamps. I have a little daughter aged 10 months and don´t travel a lot at the moment, but now postcrossing is my way of traveling. So many thanks for the little trip to autumn Pennsylvania. All the best.

From Lenka in the Czech Republic
Hello Chris, thank you for the lovely card. Pumpkin time is here too. I like to cook and bake vegetarian pumpkin dishes, my favorite is the pumpkin Hokkaido. All the best to you, kind regards, Lenka.

From Victoria in Russia
Hello Chris! Thank you very much for the spooky card and nice stamps! I really like them all! Don't turn into Baba Yaga. Best wishes from Russia!

From Clarence in Singapore
hi Chris, thanks for the Halloween card of you and Mr. Bill. I received the card after the event, but hoped you had a good one this year!

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