Monday, April 24, 2017

Cool illustrations: The New Human Interest Library (Part 18)

I was wrong, way back in February, when I stated that we were at the end of the "The Do-It-Yourself Book" portion of 1929's The New Human Interest Library, our ongoing series that understandably ended up on the back-burner in late winter/early spring.

There is simply more cool stuff (to me) in "The Do-It-Yourself Book," so more posts it is!

On Page 137, a subsection deals with "Amusing Games for Halloween," and there are several pictures. The text states:
"Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, is a festival that has long been observed, particularly in Scotland, and although many of the customs associated with the season are superstitious, yet there are also some interesting games which boys and girls have played for generations on Halloween, or the last night in October."
These first three photos and captions show some of the apple-based games that are illustrated on this page of the book...

And this is the caption that accompanies the following three photos: "These pictures show a boy and girl playing the Halloween game of dropping a fork to pick up an apple."

The text adds:
"Sometimes the fork is held by the handle in the mouth, and allowed to drop from there into the tub. This makes it harder to spike the apples. We must, of course, be careful not to overbalance the chair. Instead of the tub being nearly full of water and having apples floating in it, it is sometimes left dry, and in it are placed an apple, a potato, a carrot, and a turnip. ... The apple is the most sought after, and the turnip is regarded as the least desirable."
Come back to see more games from this section tomorrow!

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