Saturday, July 15, 2017

Photos of family members reading

On the heels of yesterday's photo-sorting (more of a photo-pruning) marathon, here's a little collection of old photographs of family members reading books.

First up is an old AZO real photo postcard that has been trimmed down to a snapshot that's just under 3 inches by 4 inches. My best guess at the handwriting on the back says this is Aunt Gertrude Horsey and James Adams, her nephew. The photo was taken in either Laurel or Seaford, Delaware, in the 1910s.

Next up is my grandmother, Helen Chandler Adams (before she was Helen Chandler Adams Ingham). According to the back of the photo, this was taken on New Year's Day in 1934.

Here's another shot of Mom, Mary Margaret Ingham, before she was Mary Margaret Ingham Otto. It's similar to this photo, but she's wearing a different dress, and it looks like she might be just a little bit older here. (How awesome would it be to identify that book from just those two open pages?)

BONUS PHOTO: Here's me at the beach in 1975, probably wishing I had a book instead of sand between my toes.


  1. In the picture of your mother, my guess is the book is a collection of stereographs. Looking at the pictures in the book, they seem to be 2 nearly identical pictures side by side with no text. I'm guessing the book would have come with a viewer you would set above the pictures.

  2. You and James love/loved (respectively) newspapers: