Saturday, July 15, 2017

Uplifting notes from across the globe, via Postcrossing

Here's my latest roundup of some of the goodwill spread through Postcrossing, the international postcard exchange that reaffirms that it's just as much fun to give as to receive. It's a constant reminder, too, that the world is filled with wonderful and kind people. They're just not the ones in the key positions of power.

The postcard at the top of the post came to me from Alice in China, and it features the breathtaking Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Alice's note to me says, "I think work as a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sports editor is very cool." I laughed a bit.

I was also cheered by the postcard I received from Felicity in Germany. She recently became a mother and is working on something for her daughter. She writes: "In February this year, I get the first time mother and I will collect 150 or more postcards from all over the world, for my daughter, to make a special present in the future. That's the reason I do Postcrossing." Of course, I asked Felicity for her address and will be sending something for young Adriana's future collection.

Meanwhile, here are some of the (lightly edited) email messages that I have gotten, over the past half-year, from international Postcrossers who have received my postcards in their faraway mailboxes. (These are chronological, with the oldest emails first.)
From "Alpha133" in Belgium
Hello Chris. Glad to meet you by Postcrossing. Reading books is my passion. I believe in respect of the human and in the freedom of expression, very important. Thank you for the postcard and the beautiful stamps. ... I hope everything goes well for you and your family and cats and dog.

From Christina in the United Kingdom
Thank you very much for the lovely postcard; the photo is so cool. Looking at it reminds me of the joy of the freedom and imagination of childhood. Don't worry, I (and many other British people) understand that the new President does not represent the majority of decent American people. He lost by 3 million votes, after all! We know that there is a certain demographic of very Conservative Americans who seem pretty unhinged to us Brits, but also that they are a minority. We won't judge a whole country by who your President is, you have our support and understanding! If only everyone participated in Postcrossing and indulged in the principle of spreading love and friendship across the World, I believe the World would be a more peaceful and tolerant place. As someone who voted (strongly) to remain in the European Union, I understand some of the frustration you must be feeling. All we can do (as our Queen advised us last Christmas) is to keep sharing small acts of love to help us cope in these difficult times. Very Best Wishes.

From Alex in Russia
Hello Chris, thank you for lovely postcard. I don't really read comics, I was born in the country and in the times when there were no comics at all. Most of my knowledge of comics come from films. However, I like postcards with comics on it. I've seen Marvel comics in Russian in the shops, now they are available. I fully agree with you, peace is what we need now. Thank you. Best wishes, Alex.

From Victoria in Russia
Good day, Chris! Thank you for such interesting postcard! I agree with you and I also believe that our world really can move toward greats peace!

From Jan in Thailand
Thank you so much for the lovely postcard and colorful stamps. I love it so much. And I love your handwriting. It's lovely. I saw alpacas once when I travel to the northeast of Thailand. There's one alpacas farm there. I hope you have a wonderful day.

From Babs in the Netherlands
Hello Chris. Thank you for the card. I have seen a movie about the Amish. Some are pleasant and some are very dominant and extreme. But in every religion you have nice and extreme people. Have a nice day and enjoy your life and work.

From Roo in Singapore
Hello from Singapore. I just received your postcard. It was such a pleasant surprise to find your card in the mailbox. Oh, happy birthday to your daughter! I wish her all the best. As for you I wish you a wonderful life and all the best for your country. Take care.

From Sally in the United Kingdom
Hi Chris. Thank you so much for my postcard. I am loving the girl reading to the chicken!!! I am also a book lover. I go on holiday tomorrow and I just can't fit enough books in my case! Anyways I hope you and Huggles are well. (What a cool cat name!)

From Mawar in Malaysia
Hi dear, thanks for the wishing. I will study hard as this is my last semester. I agree with you about the history and yes, we need more smart people with good attitude. Honesty must come first and make our earth sustain for future. Lots of love from malaysia.

From Sasa in China
Hello Chris, I'm Sasa. I'm glad to receive your postcard and I super like the stamps! Editor is one of my favourite job! Thank you for your card and nice to meet you!

From Barbra in Canada
Hi Chris! Thanks for the great card! I've actually spent some time in the Lancaster area, many years ago. It's beautiful there. And yes — working as editor of a newspaper, especially in the U.S., would definitely be an interesting line of work at this point in our history. Thanks again for the lovely note.

From Gabriele in Germany
Hi Chris, I was thrilled to get your lovely card. The stamps are amazing, thank you! We have a lot in common — my husband is a journalist, I write articles and books, and we have cats as well: Brooke, Humphrey and Yuki. And a dog, Zoe. My son wanted to breed alpacas, now settled for bees instead. They need a lot less room. Tomorrow will be extremely hot, 36°C are promised. I have to work, will probably melt away at the computer. All best wishes for your and yours, enjoy life!

From Erna in Holland
Thanks a lot for the two postcards we received from you. How nice your daughter is being homeschooled, too. Wishing her all the best for her studies and thanks a lot for the nice stamps you picked!

From Elke in Germany
Hello Chris! Today your letter arrived here in Germany! What a gem between ads and bills! It made my day today! THANK YOU so much for the two historic postcards you sent — they are so beautiful! Another big THANK YOU for the stamps you put on the envelope. I usually soak off stamps and keep them in albums. But some postcrossing envelopes (like yours) are too beautiful so I started to collect them whole and undamaged (I am not sure if "postal stationery" is the correct word). Where did you find all those old stamps — some of them older than you?! VIELEN DANK! Wish you all the best — enjoy LIFE!

From Miwako in Japan
Hello! Thank you for the beautiful postcard and stamps. I really like it! May the world be 平和. Best wishes and happy postcrossing!

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