Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mom on Linden Hall's 1964 JV field hockey team

Continuing with the theme of relatives on school sports teams, here, as promised, is the 1964 team photo for Linden Hall's junior varsity field hockey squad.1 Mom was a member of this squad, though I don't recall her ever sharing much about this particular experience at the Lititz, Pennsylvania, boarding school. She's the third from the right, among the standing girls.

Helpfully, the names of everyone on the team have been written on the back of this 53-year-old photograph. So here they are:

Standing, from left:
  • Jayne Richman
  • Bonnie Ginsburg
  • Sue Mullen
  • Mindy Jansen
  • Nancy Chase
  • Randy Gaines
  • Ginger Martin
  • Cheryll Mitchell
  • Sandy Martin
  • Mary Ingham
  • Dee Crane
  • Miggy Markle

In front, from left:
  • Kittie King
  • Nan Todd

Those 1964 girls field hockey players might have been happy to learn that women's field hockey became an official Olympic sport in 1980. And they might have been shocked if you told them that, one day, the United States national team would have its practice facilities and offices about 10 miles southwest of Linden Hall, in Manheim.

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Pretty soon, I'll have to dust off one of the photos of me with the Strath Haven High School tennis team in the late 1980s.

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