Thursday, November 16, 2017

1912 letter to my great-great-grandfather from Bessie T. Capen

This serves as a companion post to February's "1912 softball team at Miss Capen's School for Girls." Miss Capen's School was a Massachusetts preparatory school, run by Bessie T. Capen, that was connected with Smith College. It was founded in the second half of the 19th century and closed in 1920.

My great-grandmother, then Greta Miriam Chandler, attended the school for a year or so. Featured today is a letter that Bessie herself wrote to my great-great-grandfather, Lilburn Chandler, in 1912. Here is a full transcription of the note, which takes up the front and back of a small piece of Capen House letterhead:
Mr. Lilburn Chandler
601 Equitable Bldg.
Wilmington, Delaware

My dear Mr. Chandler,
I have your letter in regard to Greta's studies this year. I think it is best for her to take hold of practical work, like the Domestic Science and Sewing.

We have a good two years course in Domestic Science, with a year of elementary and a year of advanced work.

With kindest regards to Greta — and hoping to see her on the nineteenth.

I am very truly yours,
Bessie T. Capen
Sept. 7, 1912
If you have read some of the previous posts about my great-grandmother, you will surely know that Domestic Science never became any sort of fit for her, which makes this all the more amusing. It wasn't that long after this letter that she met my great-grandfather.

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  1. So incredibly cool that you have that letter in your collection!