Thursday, November 16, 2017

1920s postcards: A walkable street and an adventurous path

Here are two old postcards that were mailed way back in the 1920s...

  • Caption on front: Bruges, Eglise St. Jacques [St. James's Church]
  • Postmark: August 26, 1926 [indicated as "26 VIII" on the postmark]
  • Stamp: Blue, 75-centime Louis Pasteur, issued by France in 1924
  • Sent from: Paris, France
  • Sent to: Media, Pennsylvania
  • Message: "Aug. 26. Paris. Aunt Dora and I have just gotten back from a trip up in Belgium. I enjoyed seeing the Bruges more than any place we've been. Most of the house are built in the old Flemish architecture and there are lot of canals [thru?] the city. Love Louise."

  • Caption on front: The Trail and Cold River, Mohawk Trail, Mass.
  • Postmark: July 30, 1922
  • Stamp: Green 1-cent George Washington stamp, issued in 1917
  • Sent from: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Sent to: Media, Pennsylvania (different addressee than first postcard, though)
  • Message: "270 miles first day. Sunday 7 A.M. Dear Mr. Fronefield: Arrived here in Pittsfield Saturday evening 7:45. Raymond saw Harry Barton in an automobile along the curb, as we entered the town but we did not stop. Perfectly wonderful trip. All happy. Sincerely, Margaret.

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