Sunday, December 3, 2017

1964 postcard:
"Lots of fun but no fish"

This Photolux postcard, published by American Art Postcard Company of Boston, features an old covered bridge over the Saco River1, on Moat Mountain, in Conway, New Hampshire. The still-operational bridge was built in 1890 and is at least the third bridge at this site. The first of the "modern" bridges was constructed in 1850, with at least one log bridge predating that one.

Here is some drone footage, posted by DragonFly Aerials on YouTube, of the historic bridge surviving high waters just a few weeks ago...

You can read more about the Saco River Bridge and see pictures at New Hampshire's governmental website and on New Hampshire Covered Bridges.

This postcard was sent — with a purple 4-cent Abraham Lincoln stamp — to Annie Edmond of Hampton, Connecticut, in early February 1964. The note states:
Conway, N.H.
We are enjoying our visit with Marion. The weather has been fine, rather cold & windy yesterday, but sunny. Beautiful today, did some ice fishing from a lake shanty with wood heater. Lots of fun but no fish.
Isabel [?] & Edson

In other fishing news from February 2, 1964, according to Wikipedia: "The U.S. Coast Guard seized four Cuban fishing boats in U.S. territorial waters near the Dry Tortugas and jailed the fishermen at Key West. In retaliation, Cuba would cut off the water supply to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay."

1. Per Wikipedia: "The name 'Saco' comes from the Eastern Abenaki word [sɑkohki], meaning '"land where the river comes out.'" The river is also the subject of an Indian curse, as detailed by the New England Historical Society.

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