Thursday, December 7, 2017

"Hayes Tips and Clues" for
December bulletin boards

We've already been through September, October and November with classroom bulletin-board suggestions from 1978's Hayes Tips and Clues for Every Bulletin Board. So now it's time for December, the school month that is significantly shortened by the holiday break for most Americans.

Here are three of the suggested bulletin boards and their accompanying descriptions for the 12th month of the year.

At Christmastime, children are able to display their wishes on the stocking they make from various colors of construction paper. You may want to use commercially-made material for the bricks.

Extras you can give at Christmas could include kindness, sharing and love. Constructed from colored construction paper, the lettering can be a combination of cut-outs and yarn. The packages are wrapped with Christmas paper and are three-dimensional.

A good bulletin board to generate a lesson about what Christmas was like in a past era. The items can be made from tagboard.

My personal memories of Christmas in the classroom include paper snowflakes on the windows, Christmas countdown chains made of red and green construction paper, caroling around town in fifth- and sixth-grade chorus, and those softball-sized petrified popcorn balls that should have — but somehow didn't — broken every tooth in your mouth. Share you childhood memories of Christmas in elementary school in the comments section.

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