Thursday, December 7, 2017

Photo: My great-great-great-great-
grandmother Sarah

It's family portrait time! Here's a photo of Sarah Craig Yarnall Chandler (1807-1880). If my counting and genealogy skills are correct, Sarah is my great-great-great-great-grandmother. She was a great-grandmother to my great-grandmother, Greta Miriam Chandler Adams (1894-1988), who I write about often, remember well and lived with for a few years.

With frame included, this measures four inches wide. The photograph itself is just 2¼ inches wide. Given how old she looks, I'd say this was taken in the 1860s or 1870s.

Her husband was Thomas Jefferson Chandler (1800-1872) and they had 12 children together. The youngest, Philemma Chandler (1828-1918), is my great-great-great-grandfather. Sarah died on August 27, 1880, in Hockessin, Delaware. That was three years before the founding of the Philadelphia Quakers, the predecessor of the Philadelphia Phillies.

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  1. Your 5*great-grandparents – meaning, Sarah’s parents – were Ephraim and Mary (née Craig) Yarnall. Mary lived from March 8, 1786 to March 17, 1856.

    Ephraim’s parents (your 6*great-grandparents) were Ephraim and Sarah (née Holton) Yarnall.

    Mary’s parents (your other 6*great-grandparents) were Jacob and Mary (née West) Craig.

    You can eventually identify double-digit–superscripted ancestors if you keep clicking the links here:

    Not many of your forebears seemed to have ventured far from Delaware or Pennsylvania. Before those destinations, certain ancestors hailed from Cloynes and Edgmond (England, of course).

    — M.F.

    P.S. This site does not accept the HTML tag < sup > for superscript; hence, the 5* and 6* notations.