Wednesday, January 31, 2018

School days: 1948 workbook for young English students

  • Title: The New Continental Practice Exercises in English 1
  • Authors: G.A. Eichler and Emma M. Snyder (According to a separate source, Eichler's full name is George Augustus Eichler.)
  • Illustrator: John Lehman
  • Publisher: The Continental Press (Elgin, Illinois; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles, California)
  • Year: 1948
  • Pages: 96 pages, all perforated
  • Format: Staplebound
  • Purpose: From Page 2: "This book is designed to focus attention, in simple ways, on a few beginning concepts of oral and written English. The work emphasizes exploratory observation rather than formal training. The child discovers for himself how certain things are done in written language and in speech."
  • Content areas: Capital letters, sounds of letters, ABC's, words with multiple meanings, logical sentences, telling stories, using the correct word.
  • Types of exercises: Circle the answer, speak the word, connect the dots, fill in the blanks, multiple choice.
  • Vocabulary used: 279 words, excluding the proper names of characters Nip, Tom, Sue, Mew and Jack.
  • Longest vocabulary words: Balloons, gingerbread, sometimes.
  • About the publisher: Continental Press was founded in 1937 by Horace E. Raffensperger, a supervising school principal, and is still around today, based in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County). ... It sells "quality, affordable K-12 materials" that can be adapted to meet many different curriculum needs, including Common Core and English as a Second Language. It specializes in reading, mathematics, and test preparation materials. ... And they're hiring! (As of this month, anyway). They are seeking "an experienced, detail-oriented graphic artist/typesetter to design and layout print and digital workbook publications. Candidate must be familiar with creating style sheets and master page templates and have the ability to prioritize projects, work independently, and meet deadlines." ... On the company's "About" page, current CEO Daniel Raffensperger states: "Continental was my father's vision and I'm proud to see it through. He helped teachers and students overcome the daily challenges of academics."

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