Saturday, February 3, 2018

1950 postcard from
Daddy the deer hunter

The Curt Teich & Co. linen postcard — "Canoeing in Maine" — was mailed from Passadumkeag, Maine, on November 7, 1950, as the Korean War was starting to escalate half a world away. Passadumkeag is a tiny river town in just about the middle of nowhere in central Maine. Good hunting territory, one would imagine.

The card was mailed with a one-cent stamp to Carol Midura of Rahway, New Jersey, 500 miles southwest of Passadumkeag. If I found the right Carol in an online search, she would have been about 12 years old in 1950 and would be about 80 this year.

The note, written in pencil and cursive, states:
Hi Carol
Are you a good girl. Daddy did not get a deer. Don't eat too much because dad will bring one home.

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