Friday, March 9, 2018

Important message from Finland (via Postcrossing)

I realize that it's been less than a week since I shared my mid-winter mailbox arrivals from Postcrossing, but the mailbox contained a Postcrossing item yesterday that's well worth sharing.

Elisa, a gardener from Finland who speaks five languages, sent me a pair of postcards in an envelope. The one shown above is an anti-bullying message from the Finnish Red Cross, for which Elisa has helpfully provided a translation.

The three big words are älä töni ketään — "Don't push anyone." Elisa's translation of the rest of the message, written alongside the Finnish text, is: "Bullying and discrimination is stupid, no matter who the bullied person is. Think about it and join the clever ones."

The printed message on the back of the postcard is Miksei Ystävänpäivä Ole Muuten Joka Päiva, which translates roughly to "Why isn't Valentine's Day every day?" (It also helps to know that, culturally, Valentine's Day in Finland is focused on friendship and appreciation, not romance.)

Elisa, who wrote about enjoying the subzero temperatures and snow in Finland this winter, also included a postcard with the illustration titled "Old Oak and Man" by artist Werner Holmberg (1830-1860).

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