Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Better Rascals of Our Nature

Baby photos are the worst. As someone who has been spending serious swaths of time sorting through multiple generations of family photographs, I believe that I'm qualified and justified in making that statement.

They really are the worst, though. They're all the same. Every baby looks the same, whether it's you or your uncle or your great-grandmother. Every baby is sitting there doing nothing, except perhaps drooling. And almost every baby photo is WAYUPCLOSE, allowing for little else. No context of time or setting or culture.

Baby photos are the worst. And I've been tossing a ton of them, including many of myself.

But this one, of me, is cool, because it's not just a chubby face covered in drool. I have to believe this was an intentionally framed snapshot taken by one of my parents, in very early 1971. There I am, in my oh-so-1970 flowered baby carrier, centered underneath a huge image of The Little Rascals. A little playful foreshadowing, eh?

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