Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wendyvee's photo tour of modern locations referenced in 1971 "Fate"

As an amazing companion piece to yesterday's post, "30 classified ads from the June 1971 issue of "Fate" magazine," the one-and-only Wendyvee of Wendyvee's Roadside Wonders, has researched 10 of the locations mentioned those kooky classified advertisements to see what they look like today.

Without further ado...

1. THE ESP CLARION band heralded the approach of the Messiah in 1970. O-Loh-I the Messiah speaks in 1971. Both sets of messages now $15.00 — AAA Bookkeeping, 1616 India St., San Diego, CA 92101

2. HOW TO MAKE MONEY writing short paragraphs. Information free. — Barrett. Dept. C-305-S2, 6216 N. Clark, Chicago, Ill. 60626

3. HAWAIIAN GUITAR COURSE, Simplified, proven. Write O'Burr's Pub, Moorcroft, WY 82721

4. OCTOGENARIAN GREAT-AUNT'S teas, tonics, remedies. Some make sense, some don't. Collection One — 33 recipes, $2.00. Collection Two — 34 recipes, $2.00. Mrs. M Partridge, 159 Stanley Ave., Hamilton, Ont., Canada. [Note: I can totally see a recipe-dealing great aunt residing here.]

5. "THE OCCULT EXPLOSION." Stamp appreciated. METHODS, 416 Palo Alto Ave., Mountain View, CA 94040

6. LUSCIOUS CHUNKY MARMALADE. Recipe $1.00. — Cecelia Rogers, 1901 Wyoming Avenue N.W., Washington DC 20009

7. ANCIENT PRAYER allegedly materializes desires. Not for evil. $2.00 — T. Tewell, 25 Eddy Drive, Columbus GA 31903

8. SHUT IN, LONELY, let me send you personal Spiritual view of life and include you on healing list. Donation — Brother Joe, 2303 E. Yandell Dr., El Paso, TX 79903

9. $3.00 PER QUESTION. — Goddess Athena, 622 Diversey, Chicago, Ill. 60614 [Note: I guess it's appropriate that Goddess Athena's dwelling is now a Spirit Halloween store.]

10. SEVEN QUESTIONS, $2.00. Send birth date, hair and eye coloring. — Barrett, 2585 Aqueduct Road, Schenectady, N.Y. 12309
I want to buy this house and move in with a bunch of cats and maybe a pet possum and spend the rest of my days as partial recluse, answering questions that come via the mail for $2 and eating biscuits with luscious chunky marmalade at high tea.


  1. My thoughts exactly on the Spirit Store and I imagined nearly the same thing with the last house too. ;)

  2. So which of you two wants to move into Seven Questions with the possum? I was unclear.