Saturday, May 19, 2018

Vintage Russian recipe card:
салат чимчик тили

If you're looking for a new recipe to whip together in your kitchen this weekend, how about taking your lead from this 1973 Russian (Soviet) recipe card? It was basically from their Brezhnev-era version of the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library, as featured in so many American TV commercials and magazine advertisements of the 1970s.1

I'm not sure if there was specifically a USSR version of Betty Crocker. These days in Russian, though, it's chef Vladimir Mukhin getting high praise. But I digress.

This 3½-inch-wide card features a picture of салат "чимчик тили", which translates to Salad "Chimchik Tili." Other than telling us that it's a salad, which we can already see from the image, that's not very helpful. So what is the recipe? That's where helps out, with the following translated recipe/description:
Salad "Chimchik Tili"
Peeled onions, washed salted or marinated cucumbers cut into small cubes. Fill with black pepper, wine vinegar, mix, put in a salad bowl. Salad decorate with mugs of cucumbers and onions. From above you can sprinkle with herbs.
It will surely be a hit at your summer block party! (Or your Bloc Party ... get it? That was a free joke for the Russian bots that follow Papergreat.)

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