Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sharing some springtime Postcrossing notes

Continuing a recent tradition, here are some of the cool moments I've had recently thanks to Postcrossing, an international postcard-exchange community.

Shown above is one of a handful of postcards that found their way to my mailbox this month. It's from Gustav, a harmonica-playing grandfather of three who lives in Switzerland. The postcard shows an illustration depicting bucolic life in the canton of Appenzell. The postcard illustrator is Andy Fischli.

I also received dandy postcards from Russia and Germany.

Rina, a young mother living in Saint Petersburg and likes journaling and theater, writes: "Hello, Chris. Most of the older people in Russia prefer to watch TV at New Year's Eve. Our parents' generation like to cook a lot of food and after president's greetings go for a walk, congratulate each other and play off (or just watch) fireworks!"

And this note was written on a modern postcard showcasing Heidelberg Castle: "Hi Chris! My name is Retno. I am an Indonesian who [is] studying in Bonn, Germany. Here's the picture of Heidelberg castle. It's 4 hours away from Bonn by train. The castle was built in 1214 and located in hillside. Therefore, we can see the view of the city from above. Hope you'll like it."

* * *

Meanwhile, these are some of the emailed notes of thanks that I have received from Postcrossers who I mailed cards to:

  • Johanna in the Netherlands wrote: "Thank you very much for this card and stamps! My cats are called Amaril and Mijanou. Please caress your cats with their creative names from me!"
  • Svenja in Germany wrote: "Thx for your lovely postcard. It was my very very first postcrossing postcard. And now I know a new word: ephemera. Peace."
  • Luna in China wrote: "Hi Chris! Thanks for your nice postcard and special stamps! I really love it. Now I'm reading the Harry Potter series with a dictionary. I like The Big Bang Theory very much!"
  • Marcus in Germany wrote: "Guten Tag Chris, greetings from the cold Germany. Thank you for your nice postcard and the great stamps. Never been in Pennsylvania but think it's a great country with a great nature. I know a movie with Johnny Depp: Sleepy Hollow. But I like more movies Out of Africa or Notting Hill."
  • Irina in Russia wrote: "Thank you for your card and such an interesting story about yourself! Always thought the profession of a journalist is very interesting. If I ever go to the United States, I really want to get to a football match, I think it's unforgettable emotions."
  • Beate in Germany wrote: "Hello Chris! Thanks a lot for your postcard with the interesting stamps. It arrived today. I enjoyed reading your text. It's nice to have such interesting hobbies as you have, it seems that you are a 'bookworm'. Cats are very nice animals. All the best for you."

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