Thursday, May 24, 2018

The evolution of Barry Leffler's KCC2188 QSL cards

Shown above are a pair of old QSL cards for York, Pennsylvania, ham-radio operator Barry Leffler. They show the evolution of Leffler's response cards for his communications under call sign KCC2188.

The first card, undated and never used, is a badly mimeographed, five-inch-wide card for "The Fantastic Five Watts" of "Little Red." There's a little map indicating the rough location of York County and York City in southcentral Pennsylvania.

The second card, the more standard 5½ inches wide, is fully professional. "Little Red" was apparently using Vocaline Commaire as his ham-radio setup. (I found some good photos and technical data regarding various Vocaline transceivers, but if anyone knows more about the history of that company and its products, please drop a note in the comments.)

The second card was never used, either. It includes the standard lines on the back to fill in date, channel, signal strength, etc. Also, oddly, there's a pre-printed reference to KCC 3373 — a different call sign — on the back of the card. That's Ronald E. (Joe) Sellers, who I wrote about in January. I wonder if Sellers did some side work helping fellow ham-radio enthusiasts with the design and/or printing of their QSL cards.

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  1. Finally, a reference on Papergreat to a living person!

    Contact Barry Leffler directly to fill in all the details:

    As for the Vocaline Company of America, here is the SEC's record of the initial public offering of that company in 1959, with a brief overview of the company's products:

    -- M.F.

    1. Yes, I did see that. We'll see what happens. He hasn't actually posted on Facebook in 6.5 years, and it can be difficult to contact/message someone that you're not Facebook Friends with. But we shall see.