Monday, May 21, 2018

Illustrations from 1924's "Principles of Clothing Selection"

Featured below are some illustrations from Principles of Clothing Selection, which was written by Helen Goodrich Buttrick and illustrated by Gertrude Spaller Kinder. This edition was published by The Macmillan Company in 1924, and this particular book, many moons ago, was part of the curriculum for the Palmyra Borough School District. "Parents and Guardians will see that proper care if taken of this book," states part of the red stamping on the inside front cover.

Here is an excerpt from the preface:
"This book is designed as a textbook for high-school courses in clothing and costume design. It should prove useful also in agricultural colleges and in other colleges where home economics is taught, but where the majority of the students come from high schools offering no elementary training in this subject."
Chapter titles and subtitles include:
  • Factors changing our standards of clothing selection
  • The important structural lines of garments
  • The place of color in life
  • Different types of color harmony
  • The red-haired type
  • Modifying unbecoming color
  • Factors affecting the silhouette
  • Cost as a factor in choice of fabrics
  • Coiffures for different types of heads
  • Hats becoming to different types of head and face
  • Clothing appropriate to the age of the wearer
  • Hygienic values of different fibres
  • The origin of rapid changes of fashion
  • The effect of rapid changes of fashion on the consumer
  • The place of old clothes in the wardrobe

Here is a selection of Gertrude Spaller Kinder's illustrations...

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