Wednesday, May 23, 2018

6 nifty things inside 1926's "Tall Tales of the Kentucky Mountains"

Tall Tales of the Kentucky Mountains is a 1926 collection of folk tales that was written by Percy MacKaye (1875–1956) and published by George H. Doran Company. It contains tales titled "The Cats That Clawed to Heaven" and "The Meat of a Snowball," and mostly I'm just beyond giddy right now that I've been able to include the phrase "The Meat of a Snowball" on Papergreat.

Here are a half-dozen cool things from inside this 92-year-old book...

The title page

The bookplate for
The Wilmington Institute Free Library

Library's perforated stamp

Frontispiece by Elizabeth MacKinstry

Library circulation card

Library circulation card pocket

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