Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Herb Roth's endpapers illustration for "Aunt Polly's Story of Mankind"

Herb Roth (1887-1953) crafted this delightful endpapers illustration for the 1923's Aunt Polly's Story of Mankind, written by Algonquin Round Table regular Donald Ogden Stewart and published by the George H. Doran Company.

Stewart had previously written A Parody Outline of History, and the Aunt Polly book is an interconnected set of humorous short stories set in different epochs. Stewart would go on to write many screenplays, including The Philadelphia Story and then be blacklisted and chased from the United States during the McCarthy Era, never returning to America during the final 30 years of his life.

Meanwhile, one of the interesting side notes of Roth's long career as an artist involved a never-published version of Mighty Mouse comic strips in the 1940s. You can read more about that at Cartoon Research.

Here's a better look at Roth's right-hand side of the endpapers, which are partially blurred in the full scan.

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