Tuesday, July 17, 2018

1964 comics nostalgia, Part 2

And now, diving back into Strange Tales #120 from May 1964, it's time for the HYPNO-COIN. A mere one dollar would get you this magical coin, "sent in a plain wrapper," from the Hypnotic Aids Supply Company of New York.

And you got your money back if you weren't delighted!

Here's an excerpt from the advertising copy for this item, which looks like it would have fit perfectly into the plot of Incredibles 2:
"Hold the HYPNO-COIN in front of the person you want to hypnotize. Then, gently vibrate the plastic lens. This sets the hypnotic pattern into a whirling motion. A motion that is so fascinating, it captures and rivets your subject's eyes to the "Hypno-Coin". Now, proceed to give your hypnotic suggestions and commands."

The Hypnotic Aids Supply Company also issued some interesting vinyl records in the 1960s, when group hypnosis with a metronome was apparently a thing.

For more comic-book hypnosis advertisements, check out this terrific post from Hypnotic Harlequin, who wonders if "Stock Zombie Walk Lady For Comic Book Ads" was a regular paying gig for someone.

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