Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1964 comics nostalgia, Part 3

Wrapping up this short series peering inside Marvel's Strange Tales #120 from May 1964, here's a look at some of the smallest advertisements within the issue:

  • Holy Stamp Depicting Christ & Cross!! Plus Triangle Discus Thrower, enormous multi-colored Balkans Diamond issue, wonderful MAP COLLECTION from Timor, Macao & Angola. EXTRA! Brilliant Flag set, etc., only 10c with approvals. Capital Stamp Co., Ferrysburg 19D Mich.
  • WILL ROGERS AIR! HELICOPTER TRIANGLE!! Plus Monte Carlo Dove Triangle! Stamp printed in Solid Gold! New York Empire State Bldg. airmail, lovely Congo Orchids in full colors, etc., 10c with approvals. Sunny Stamps Service, Apopka 19A, Florida.
  • CONFEDERATE HALF DOLLAR. Replica 25¢, Set of Confederate Facsimile Stamps 35¢. Both for 50¢; Indian Head Cents, 2 diff. 35¢. SPRUCELAND C4, 115 State, Springfield 3, Mass.
  • Fabulous Introductory GRABBAG 25¢. Sensational approvals. CROWN STAMP CO., Virgil 616, Ontario
  • POEMS WANTED for musical setting and recording. Send poems. Free examination. AMERICA'S LARGEST SONG STUDIO. FIVE STAR MUSIC MASTERS, 92 BEACON BLDG., BOSTON, MASS.1
  • 50 BIKE DECALS $1. Sensational offer! Over 50 flashy, colorful decals to dress up your bike, car models, luggage, model airplanes, etc. Grab-bag assortment — all different! A $2.50 value! DOLLAR BARGAINS, P.O. BOX 1226-K, Newark 1, N.J.
  • Personal RADIO. POCKET SIZE. Requires no batteries or tubes. — no need for electric "plug-in" either — diode eliminates them all forever. Slide tuning: built-in speaker phone; attractive case. Not a toy, but a practical radio for local broadcast reception of music, sporting events, or your favorite program. Send $3.95 for this COMPLETE READY-TO-LISTEN RADIO add you will receive it postpaid. Order yours NOW! NAFICO, Dept. 17-R, BOx 4241, TOLEDO 9, OHIO.

Regarding that last one, the cost of $3.95 is equivalent to nearly $32 today. While I can't speak to the quality of product, the "diode" reference indicates that it would have been some sort of crystal radio. They harness the power of the received radio signal to produce sound and remain popular with hobbyists.

1. There is a terrific look at the history of advertisements seeking poems to turn into songs at

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