Monday, August 6, 2018

Montoursville 2018: Preface and listicle on a day around the borough

Yesterday, I introduced the "bones" of my idea for writing from a personal, narrow perspective about Montoursville this month. Today, I present the "map" in the form of this outline of my long walk around the borough on July 13.

I greatly regret not jotting any of this down on July 14 or 15. The memories of that day are already slipping into a bit of haze, so this is the best I can do for 3½ weeks after the fact.

  • Drove into Montoursville from the west, via the "Green Bridge" that spans Loyalsock Creek and takes you straight onto Broad Street. (The bridge was fully covered in tarp that day.)
  • Parked in the lot at the Rite Aid located at 760 Broad Street.
  • Walked a couple blocks eastward on Broad Street, then turned around.
  • Walked westward on Broad Street, making my first stop at the TWA Flight 800 Memorial.
  • Continued westward on Broad Street to Konkle Memorial Library (384 Broad Street), where I spent a half-hour inside.
  • Walked eastward on Broad Street back to my car to drop off some books.
  • Crossed Broad Street and started north on Walnut Street. The first east-west cross street encountered is Mulberry Street, which is also the first street we lived on in the borough.
  • Came to Lyter Elementary School, at the corner of Walnut and Spruce streets.
  • Stopped at a yard sale and bought a cup of lemonade for 50 cents from a young entrepreneur.
  • Wandered a bit through the residential streets. First west, I think, and then I ended up headed east on Weaver Street, which took me to...
  • ... the school tennis courts situated just north of C.E. McCall Middle School, 600 Willow Street.
  • After checking out a cool display at the school's entrance, I circled around the back and then crossed Fairview Drive to Faith Church.
  • Walked northwest along curving Fairview Drive to the corner of Fairview and Willow streets, which is the third house we lived in.
  • Walked south on Willow Street for a short distance and then headed west on Pearl Boulevard.
  • Did a lot of mostly east-west wandering, eventually ending up back on Spruce Street and checking out the second house we lived in.
  • Meandered southward, I think on Arch Street, all the way back to Broad Street.
  • Wandered west to the Turkey Hill, taking snapshots of some of the historic buildings along the way.
  • Got some Gatorade at the Turkey Hill.
  • Walked a few blocks west on Broad Street, toward the creek, then turned around.
  • Headed north on Loyalsock Avenue, on the westward edge of the borough.
  • Headed eastward, back into the neighborhoods. Eventually found what I thought was the first house we lived in, on Mulberry Street.
  • Wandered some more and eventually zig-zagged back to Broad Street.
  • Went into Cellini's Sub Shop, 378 Broad Street, for — to the best of my knowledge — the first time in my life and had a toasted cheese sub plus a lot of hydrating beverages.
  • While eating, learned via a series of text messages with Dad that the house I "discovered" on Mulberry Street was not the first house we lived in. Received from Dad, who has kept his tax forms from the 1970s, the correct address.
  • Headed back to Mulberry Street.
  • Found the actual first house we lived in.
  • Did more wandering as it got to be late in the afternoon. Mostly headed eastward along the southern half of the residential streets, along the likes of Elm, Mulberry and Cherry.
  • Headed back to the car.
  • Drove eastward out of Montoursville, along Broad Street, which becomes Lycoming Mall Drive and takes you toward Muncy.

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  1. I loved all of this until I got to the 1970s tax forms and then I had a rash.