Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nifty wooden postcard with fairies via Postcrossing

One of this week's Postcrossing arrivals is this wooden postcard featuring an illustration by Anne Heidsieck. She is a French artist who works on bookmarks, postcards, recipe books and board games, including When I Dream. She writes: "I mostly like fantastic and dreamlike worlds, but I also like challenges, as when I have a lot of researches to do in order to recreate a graphic atmosphere specific to a time, a place or a culture in particular."

The postcard was sent by Catherine, a Russian native who lives in the cultural region of Brittany, France, and describes it as "the mysterious land of ancient celtic legends and subtle everyday magic" in her Postcrossing profile. Catherine writes the following (in cursive):
"Dear Chris, greetings from the region Brittany, France! It seems you have quite an impressing collection of postcards! This one is made of real wood sheet, and comes from a region where magic and magical creatures seem real! I've experienced myself the efficacy of some local ancient rituals (like touch a special stone) although I did not really believe in them =)

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