Friday, September 21, 2018

Mrs. Carmen Capone's thoughts on U.S. foreign policy

Yesterday I mentioned, randomly and in passing, Mrs. Carmen Capone. Now she's back for an encore. Her name appears in a UPI article on Page 5 of the February 19, 1976, edition of The Pocono Record. The story is headlined "U.S. polarized on foreign policy."

The lede of the story is:
"PITTSBURGH (UPI) — Americans are polarized on issues of economic leadership and foreign relations, according to opinions expressed Wednesday at the first of a series of regional U.S. Department of State 'town meetings' on foreign policy."
And then we get to our subject:
"In the words of one panel member, Mrs. Carmen Capone of the League of Women Voters, 'We should be the first world power. We should see that we win ... and not go halfway. Otherwise, the rest of the world just laughs at us.'"
So much winning. That's what Mrs. Carmen Capone wanted.

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