Thursday, September 20, 2018

Possibly boring book cover:
"Bottle and Glass Handbook"

  • Title: Bottle and Glass Handbook
  • Editor: Don Maust
  • Publisher: E.G. Warman Publishing Inc., Uniontown, Pennsylvania
  • Copyright holder: Edwin G. Warman
  • Original price: $4.75 in 1967 (the equivalent of $35 today!)
  • Original year of publication: 1965
  • Year of this edition: Fifth printing, February 1967
  • Pages: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Provenance: $4 at a used-book store sometime in the past couple years. And it might have been 50% off.
  • Title-page text: "A History of Bottles showing their various styles, types and uses from ancient times to present."
  • First sentence of preface: Do you want to collect, sell, or trade bottles intelligently?
  • First sentence of foreword: This handbook is meant as a primer to help put some order into the story world about bottles.
  • First sentence of Chapter 1: Here is a story written in the hey-day of the early 1900's during the nostalgic period of bottle collecting.
  • Last sentence of book: He proceeded to the warm room, and then into the cold bath which completed the process.
  • Wait. What is this book about? Bottles.
  • Random sentence from middle: It is hard to pin down the true origin of the American historical flask, but Thomas W. Dyott, a Philadelphia druggist, was one of the very first to foster the movement.
  • Random, totally unrelated photo that I found while trying to find information about this book on the Internet: Mrs. Carmen Capone.
  • Notes: Other books by this publisher, mostly during the 1950s and 1960s, include: The Fourth Antiques Treasury: A Collection of Information About Antiques and Collectors' Items; 3rd Print Price Guide to N. Currier, Currier & Ives, Kellogg and Other Printmakers; American Cut Glass: A Pattern Book of the Brilliant Period, 1895-1915; Value Guide to Old Books, Listing the Approximate Wholesale Values on More than 2,000 Old and Out of Print Volumes; Milk Glass Addenda; Antique Furniture Guide: A Guide to Periods and Styles from Ancient Times Up to the Victorian Era; The Second Goblet Price Guide; and Antiquer's Formula Folio #2, a collection of formulas and processes for cleaning, preserving, restoring and repairing antiques, etc.

Possibly less boring interior page

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